Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hello?! Anybody There?!

Who knew that "a couple of weeks" would be...errrr....over one month?!?

The first order of business is to send out an enormous "Thank you!" for sticking around. There are a few complications that arise in this little French life of mine. Telecommunications (or "phone hell" as I've come to call it) can be quite challenging. I'm lucky. I finally have a dial tone and a phone/internet connection and it only took one month! No...I'm not kidding. And I started a solid three weeks before the move even started in an effort to reduce the waiting time. Obviously to no avail.

It is what it is. (More on the lessons of surrender later, my little Grasshoppers.)

Even Bodhi is caught in the mix of things. He is waaaaay overdue for his rendez-vous at Prince du Sud (Prince of the South) for his "clipping and cleaning". So much so that he needs a bit of accessorizing to even see his way around. He puts up with the new look but I don't think he loves it.

Now that I am able to access the internet chez moi, there is much to share. The move upstairs, visitors in town, a few little trips to here and there and other various and sundry unfoldings that the Universe has dropped in my lap. But all in good time.

We'll start with a reconnection to say "hello" and an "amuse bouche" (little taste) of a couple of views from the new apartment. I'll take you on a full tour of the new digs and its other views on Thursday and we'll get back on track.

Did I say "Thank you!" for being there? For your lovely comments during the extended hiatus? It's worth repeating! Thank you.

À bientôt! (see you soon)



Kitt said...

Welcome back to the 21st century!

Bodhi sure is a cute little mop.

Anonymous said...

Tiens! Bonjour Leslie. I thought I had screwed up my subscription but there you are again, undermined for a moment by French bureaucracy...annoying, but a small price to pay to live in beautiful Aix en Provence. In your photo, the clouds over Mt.Ste. Victoire are spectacular. I'm looking forward to hearing once more about your adventures, and salivating over the wonderful recipes.

Alain said...

Congratulaions on your successful ''déménagement''.
You shot of ''Sainte-Victoire nuageuse'' is superb.
The former Aixois that I am is trying to figure out, judging from the rooftops shot on your post, in what part of Aix is your new home located.
All the best. Glad that you are back.

Alain (French Virtual Cafe)in a steamy 91 degrees (F) Chicago

Anonymous said...

I am loving your website and hearing about your life. Madison also wants you to put her on your mailing list so she may read your info at her leisure. Her e-mail is now:

We are doing well -- working hard -- still in the process of moving to Portland.

Love love love your photographs -- you are a very talented woman --


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!
AnnMarie ;o)

Deborah Truesdell said...


It's wonderful to have you back on line - we have missed you and Bodhi! Did I mention the delicious recipes, also?! I hope you settle in well and quickly. Bodhi does look like he could use a bit of a fluff and fold! Wishing you much happiness in your new place! By the way, is the kitchen any bigger than the old one?


la fourchette said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back into the world of technology!

Bodhi says 'Merci!'...bien élevé (well raised) little 'mop' that he is!

Such kind and encouraging words - thank you! You are in good company in thinking something had gone awry with your subscription. I received several tentative email messages and comments from people wondering why they seemed to have been taken off of 'the list'. No one's going anywhere off of any of those precious subscriber lists if I have anything to say about it! How much say I have over that French bureaucracy is another matter...and it's worth the price to live here, yes. You are absolutely right!

Thanks for your warm welcome back!

Thanks! Settling in after 'le déménagement', the view of Ste. Victoire from the terrace is one of which I think I will never tire. I can certainly understand Cezanne's love affair with that mountain!

As to location: I am near the Palais du Justice. The little tour on Thursday should give you a few more clues.

Thanks again!

Thanks for such a lovely compliment! What a nice way to get back into the swing of things.

I thought Madison was on my list but I'll update that info right away.

Glad to hear you are still headed to your new digs and that all goes well!

'mwah' back at ya!

Thanks! Such a nice welcoming committee I've got here! Glad to see you are part of it.

Thanks so much! Yes, at least 'fluff and fold'! His appointment is Friday and not a moment too you can see...and he, most clearly, cannot!

And the kitchen: yeah, baby...much bigger! Stop back in for Thursday's tour!

Merci à tous!

Tamsie said...

I look forward to seeing the new space with my own little bi-focaled eyes.
I know you're loving life from the top floor.

la fourchette said...

Loving life, indeed!
I just put up a collection of 'sister' cards from you in that blank frame behind my desk. A bit of inspiration...and preparation for a visit from my favorite sister...oh yeah! You're the *only* sister! Lucky me!

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