Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Leftovers of Super Tuesday in Paris

Americans abroad joined a number of other states in the primary voting on 5 February 2008, or Super Tuesday. This is notable as it is the first time that voters abroad have had the opportunity to vote at a physical polling place instead of sending in an absentee ballot. It's a big deal for us ex-pats. Democrats Abroad will be sending 22 delegates to the convention in August!

Voters arriving to the American Church in Paris were greeted then guided to the basement polls by a very friendly group of volunteers.

Passports were checked and printed ballots were handed over to voters who filled them out at tables...or seated on the floor...or leaning against a wall using a backpack as a desk.

Once ballots had been completed, they were reviewed by Lois Grjebine and Lisa Immordino Vreeland, both reisents of Paris and involved in Democrats Abroad here in France. (In fact, Lois is a former DNC member and officer in DAF.) Then it was into the ballot box, stuffed (and I mean that in a good way!) with the votes of other enthusiastic participants.

American in Paris, Jean-François Angevin-Romey, gave a lively interview to a French team of journalists who were filming a documentary on the occasion.

AP television was there to film the event for the evening news around the world, catching up with a couple of voters as they left the polls. After this interview, they ventured into the basement for some "live" voting action.

And in that quiet hall and bustling basement, history was being made for those of us who live on this side of the pond. From this day forward, showing up at the polls will be an option.

If you are one of La Fourchette's readers in the United States, when your turn comes around, get out there and vote!


p.s. To see a few more shots from Paris, go to the NY Times collection here.
Along the right side there is a search column to narrow the selection. Type "Paris" for the City and "International" for the Narrow by State. Hit "Search" at the bottom of the column and take a peek at my Tuesday in Paris.


Doug said...


The choice of black and white images was wonderful. Giving an ancient communal feel to a new opportunity. The yearning to connect on a day of democratic action is a primitive and powerful pull. Peter, Al and I gathered together and watched returns. You were missed.


FlaNboyant Eats said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't vote on Tuesday b/c of a recent move to a new state...

You're pics are lovely. France is my 2nd most favorite place in the world.

I'll be visiting ur blog often,

a bientot,


Emma said...

Came across your blog via Mark Bittman, stayed for the lovely food writing and fond memories it brings back of living in France for a year as a child. Voting in this year's democratic primary was pretty thrilling even here in New York, and I'm so glad that you ex-pats got to partake in the same excitement! (I had to vote absentee ballot a few times, and somehow it just lacks a certain something).

la fourchette said...

emma, thank you for the compliment.

Yes, there is a certain something...or shall we say,"je ne sais quoi" about voting at the polls vs. sending a ballot through the post.

It's a pleasure to welcome you chez La Fourchette from chez Bitten. Stop in anytime!

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