Friday, October 26, 2007

La Tarte Tropézienne

Sometimes you lend someone a helping hand...

...and the problem gets resolved...

...and you end up with an entire Tarte Tropézienne delivered to your door!

The recipe you ask? I cannot recall the specific amounts but it seems to go something like this:

Basic kindness seems to be the main ingredient
Listening carefully doesn’t hurt the mix
Hold the bigger picture clearly in focus so others can share the view
Respect yourself and others
A pinch of reassurance...but just a pinch
Add freely a sense of humor...
...with an equal amount of compassion
Speak from your heart
Trust that the end result will be for the good of all...

...and voilà! Well, at least in this case, you end up with La Tarte Tropézienne!

Oh! That recipe! Nope, that's a secret. Created in 1955 in the place for which it is named by the artisan boulanger, Monsieur Alexandre Micka, the "real" recipe is kept secret. As if its association with Brigitte Bardot isn't alluring enough!

I suspect that the parties involved had no idea how much I love these delicious specialties of the south of France! (And perhaps they had no idea how touched I was by such a thoughtful gesture.)

Constructed with a giant flat brioche and filled with a lovely custard-y crème filling, there is enough here to be mildly indulgent and still share with friends! Yippppeeee!

Bon Appétit!

p.s. It’s been hard to watch the news coverage of my old neighborhoods being licked by hot flames and obscured by thick smoke and feel so helpless. For those of you in San Diego, there is a help list if you are looking for help or looking to help.

A list of therapists offering free support services to be a part of the healing process is being compiled here.

And from France, there are many international souls sending prayers on what is hopefully a cooler wind to a place some have never visited but have certainly heard about...a place of special beauty and friendly people who know how to work together to rebuild from such challenges...I’ve seen it before. It's a place I'm proud to be from.

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