Friday, August 31, 2007

Bonne Anniversaire, La Fourchette!

Ring the bells!

Put up the balloons! (Actually, this is the summer gig of the fellow who does this during the winter months.)

La Fourchette celebrates her first year today!

Let's hear a fanfare from the horns! Tah daaaaaaah!

What’s more...there are a few changes ahead.

I can hear some of you saying, “It’s about time!”

As we enter the second year together, La Fourchette will be getting a new look…a little growing up...a little “face lift” if you will.

I can be a bit of a turtle when it comes to making changes (or is it the mystery world of html that brings out my “inner turtle”?!) At any rate, “Voilá!” In response to suggestions offered by several readers, (I have “readers”! woohooo!) you will hopefully find the new look to be a bit easier on the eyes without losing the “punch” of the photos. (There is more work ahead in color and design...but it's a start.)

"Hats Off" to you, dear readers (I love being able to say that..."readers"!) and "merci beaucoup" for offering your suggestions for improvement, your kind words of encouragement and your patience with the hiccup in posts when I was buried in homework and cold remedies!

I’ll be showing up in La Fourchette’s atelier

so that you can pour yourself a café and enjoy a bit of Provence in words, pictures...and recipes.

New posts will appear on Monday. Comments and email received will be answered on Thursday. And with that: Let's get this party started!

I'm quite confident that La Fourchette would share that Rhubarb Tart with you to celebrate...but as a small offering instead, an "original" recipe, whose copy was recently added to my own bulging collection of gems. (There is a story behind this recipe..."trust me"...but I'll save that for another time!)

Bon Appétit!


Marianne said...

Hooray for facelifts, friends and readers! I'm really looking forward to imitating those lovely Provencal recipes in the cold Windy City.

la fourchette said...

marianne, merci beaucoup for your cheers sent from the cold Windy City! Keep me posted as you bring a taste of Provence to your corner of the world.
Bon Appétit!

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