Friday, August 18, 2006

The Long, Hot Simmer...I Mean 'Summer'

"La Rentrée" officially begins 1 September. A two year anniversay for me, the date celebrates my move to France. On that joyous occasion I will be returning to my kitchen, a more ordered life, and the business of playing with my food. Please join me to see what unfolds in (and out) of my little kitchen in the south of France. In the meantime, the most important thing 'cooking' is this blog design...which is still in its early stages. I'm new to the process so there are still "kinks" to be discovered and worked out. There will be new additions to these pre-launch posts as I learn the ropes. Check back often to see the changes and gather some tasty ideas.

For instance, here is the result of my wander through the marché today...after all, a girl's gotta eat! Sometimes combinations just call to me from their places on the tables. And so it was with this trio. The complex creamy/'edgy' taste of the chevre marries perfectly with the earthy figs. Each softens and rounds out the edges of the other. The honey...well, let's just say it's the little touch of sweetness found in every good marriage.

The Trifecta of the Summer Market
(Chevre, Figs and Lavender Honey)

4 ounces fresh goat cheese
4-6 fresh figs
2 ounces lavender honey (Just enough for a drizzle...the amount will depend on how heavy handed a 'drizzler' you are.)

Serve 'ensemble' for people to 'make-their-own' or serve quartered figs with a spread of chevre and a drizzle of honey. Of course, this was an exceptional 'biologique' (organic) lavender honey, bien sûr! And although I might suggest it as a lovely appetizer, I had it for lunch: Generous swipes of chevre across a slice of 6 cereal organic bread, topped with quartered figs then drizzled with honey had me saying 'miam miam' mid-day on a late summer day.

Whether for lunch or as an appetizer for your next gathering among friends, bon appetit!



Espinasse said...

Beautiful season recipe.
We have a fig tree in our garden and the figs are ready now.
I will try to make it as good as possible.
The picture is awesome too.

jenjen said...

Beutiful, I just love figs and with some good chevre, well that is just a combination to die for!

la fourchette said...


Jean-Marc, Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this combination...and the rest of the fig season in your garden. (Perhaps you'll share your 'wine pick' for this dish!)

jenjen, Thank you for stopping in. Another fig lover...although it sounds as though you may want to proceed with caution. ;}


ParisBreakfasts said...

OUi, a delicious combination that promises nice things to come here. Welcome to blogdom Leslie.
You might want to change the Blogger banner accross the top to black, to make it less intrusive and it's an easy thing to do. Looks very good so far.

Jann said...

I have re-read this recipe and still think this is a wonderful combination waiting to explode in my mouth! I only wish we had better figs here......... said...

As always, interesting, enjoyable and informative.

Jane Satow said...

Hello there,

Your blog is great. I love your writing style, and the photos are beautiful. You've written nearly exactly what I have fantisized of writing in my own (non-existing) blog. Being a fellow foodie who after many years of teasing visits jumped in and arrived here to Eygalieres,near St. Remy de Provence, just a few months after you did. Don't you just love Joel Durand! I'll look forward to your future postings.
Cheers, to happy days spent in the Marche, Jane

la fourchette said...

Selwyn, it's so nice to see you here...thank you for the encouraging words.

Jane, thank you! And welcome! I was just in (well, actually 'through') Eygalieres when I was out for a 'wander' a few weeks ago. Lovely place - on my list for a return visit. (And yes...yes, I do love Joel Durand...but let's just keep that between you and me.) À bien tôt!


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